Hello lovelies!

I’m Gemma, a Mum to two perfect, cheeky little boys and our black lab fur baby and also a wife to my loving husband, Toby.
I’m also the founder of Wholeheartedly Gemma a brilliant place for new Mums and Dads and Parents to be…

Wholeheartedly Gemma - An online shop for new mums and dads

We at wholeheartedly Gemma wanted to give a bit of background as to why I have started this journey into Wholeheartedly Gemma and getting to know you lot!
I strive to create an environment where new parents have support and like minded friends and for you to put a little bit of focus on yourself and products to relax with!

I can completely understand some of the stresses of being a new parent and can definitely relate to some of the struggles both before labour, during and after. After having my first son I had a difficult 18 months. I had a natural hypnobirth labour planned and due to complication the birth and aftermath were incredibly traumatic leaving both myself and my little boy Ollie being treated for sepsis.

This made for a difficult first year with us both struggling to recover (and also lack of sleep didn’t help!). This was an extremely overwhelming time and I always worried about so many things i just couldn’t control, even with so many loving people around me. I felt really alone but maybe this was just what being a new parent was like? It was only once I had my second son that I realised that it was completely different. I felt confident in my own decisions and didn’t feel like I needed to please everyone. Having had this experience has motivated me to start Wholeheartedly Gemma a platform that not only lends an ear but gives exciting products that encourage a bit of “me” time for the people who give so much.

I really want the products to make you feel happy and give a bit of focus on yourself. I also want to help make a difference for others by donating 10% of ALL profits to Pandas Foundation.
They give support to new families with perinatal mental illness. Please see our Charity page for more information.

If you ever have any questions or want to get in touch, or even just a quick chat please go to the contact us tab where there are so many ways we can connect.

Love always,

Gemma x

Wholeheartedly Gemma an online shop for new mums!