What is Wholeheartedly Gemma about?

Wholeheartedly Gemma is born on the concept of wanting to help make a difference to new parents lives. One of the ways we do this is to donate 10% to PANDAS UK Charity who helps new families to cope with their mental health in such a beautiful but life changing ad challenging time. To read more about PANDAS please visit the Charity Page!

How can I contact Wholeheartedly Gemma?

You can email directly at hello@wholeheartedlygemma.co.uk, message us on Facebook or Instagram or fill in the message form in the contact us page

Is there an Online Support Community?

Yes! Ofcourse! The Wholeheartedly Gemma community is growing bigger and bigger every day with new lovely parents and families supporting one another. Please see the community page for more information

Do you have an App?

Not yet, but maybe in the future! Watch this space!

How quickly is my order dispatched

As some products are bespoke or are requested with specific unique requirements, it can sometimes take a couple of days. We always aim for delivery within 5 days but if for any reason it will be longer than this we will be in touch

What happens to my information when I buy something or register?

We take data protection and GDPR extremely seriously at Wholeheartedly Gemma. All information will be kept in a secure server and we do not share any details with any third party unless previously agreed with you.